Ilumae designs and manufactures range of Diffusing Light Guides for car interior lighting but also for architecture, consumer electronics. These luminous diffusing guides bring great freedom for designers to innovate with light effects on texture, color, giving the WOW emotion.

Our know-how is based on a patented treatment that gives an unrivaled homogeneity and light output over our Diffusing Light Guide. Diffusion of light is controlled in such a way that light output may be increased or decreased on some specific area of the guide which makes our Diffusing Light Guide as the most efficient on the market.

Ilumae has developed a set of tools for customization in order to match designer expectations. By simple change of raw materials, productions set-up, light diffusion control, use of one or two light source(s), Ilumae offers unique and flexible lighting solutions in taking into account envrionment constraints such as temperature, hardness, substance resistance …

You are looking for a Diffusing Light Guide or a full lighting solution including optics and light sources, ILUMAE is your partner.